Kryptonfilm is distributor for Silverstack!

The professional software Silverstack SET supports and controls media management tasks from the film set to the postproduction. The software provides features for the on-set steps Backup, Quality Check, Reporting, Color Correction and Media Organization. Silverstack SET simplifies the handling of movie data coming from ARRI Alexa, RED, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR and GoPro cameras as well as from AJA and Atomos field recorders. 
Use Silverstack SET for the entire data management at and near the filmset. Create back-ups of your source material and systematically organize, document and prepare your clips for postproduction activities. With Silverstack SET professional DITs and film technicians raise the quality of their jobs, make their workflow more safe and transparent and simplify their daily work by reducing time and efforts. 
Pris ca: 3800.-