Jørn G. Broll Rental and Studio Manager
Jørn has worked as a director of photography since 1989. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film from MCAD
in Minneapolis, USA. 
Jørn founded the broadcast rental company, Broll Film AS, in 1991, and continued as CEO for the rental company, EBH, from 2001 until 2004. Jorn was head of The Society of Norwegian Cinematographers (fnf) from 2005 until 2010, from 2006 on he has been running the rental facility and is a part owner of Krypton Film AS.

ph:+47 22355000


Ola Austad - Booker
Ola has his experience from the camera department, working as focuspuller, camera assistant and DIT for the last 8 years.

ph: +47 22355000


Theodor Kristensen- CEO
Theo is an acclaimed director of photography and one of the founders and owners of Krypton Film AS. He works as a DOP on commercials and feature film. Theodor is also a member of The Society of Norwegian Cinematographers.

ph:+47 91542391
ph:+47 22355000



Jeremy Stewart 

The one and only!
ph:+47 22355000