Our new studio and camera rental at Myrens Verksted is in total 750m2. 

Studio 1: 300m2 with direct access from ground level. Your car or truck can easily park inside the gates.
Studio 2: 120m2 packshot studio.
We have all the lights awailable for rent at our inhouse facility, along with a 10m wide cyclorama, 2 x 125A and 6 x 63A power outlets. There is also a 12 m2 makeup-room on a mezzanine, overlooking the studio floor.
Studio 2 has 2 x 63A outlets and can also be rented as lunch/meeting-room for productions in Studio 1.
Studio 1: Dayrate: 12 000.- NOK,  Prep day: 6 000.- NOK,  Weekrate 42 000.- NOK
Studio 2: Dayrate:   5 000.- NOK,  Prep day: 3 000.- NOK,  Weekrate 18 000.- NOK
For booking call; +47 22355000 or send an email to booking@kryptonfilm.no